Stuttgart City Library

Quality translations from German into English in the fields of

Travel and tourism
Alternative medicine

I am happy to consider translation and proofreading projects in a range of other fields.

I also work closely with colleagues to provide translations in other language combinations, including English into Welsh, German into Welsh and many of the major European languages.

If you’re looking for a translator you’re not just looking for a translator.

You’re looking for someone who can help you get your message across national, linguistic and cultural borders. You’re looking for someone who can convey the spirit of your text in another language. And you’re looking for a professional partner you can trust.

Whether you’re a business looking to break into new markets, a cultural institution with a global audience, or a university serving international students, I can help you find the right tone for your texts. I pride myself on delivering translations that are not only faithful to the original German but on producing English texts that exude style. Texts that people will want to read. Quality – pure and simple.

I work with a diverse range of clients, including translation agencies, art galleries, universities, publishers and companies of various sizes. I provide my clients with a service tailored to their needs. I aim to make your work easier by answering emails quickly, communicating clearly and going that extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied. Working directly with me offers a number of advantages: more consistent translations, the opportunity to develop a long-term working relationship with a translator who cares about your texts, and absolute trust and confidentiality.

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