About Me

Growing up bilingually (Welsh and English) in Aberystwyth in Mid Wales, it is perhaps not surprising that I developed a heightened awareness of and interest in languages. My (dare I say it?) love of the German language dates back to early childhood when I got my hands on an Usborne German for Beginners picture book. This love affair later intensified when the intricacies of German grammar were explained to us at school. Fast forward more than a decade and I now hold BA, MA and PhD degrees in German language and literature.

This academic training not only provided me with the language skills that allow me to produce accurate translations, it also taught me the value of research, thoroughness and attention to detail. In an age in which translation is often seen as a commodity, my approach is more traditional – what I think of as an old-school focus on quality, detail and customer service.

As part of this professional approach to translation I regularly take part in continuing professional development in the form of workshops, conferences and private study. I am a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (AITI).

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